Purity of design, 4-TRACK R whith DBK is dedicated to the Maxi Enduro, the Sport Touring / Adventure and Crossover of last generation, the new 4-TRACK R discharger loves the thrill of the great spaces and the roads that go beyond the horizon. Designed in the R & D Center of Bologna, the new HP CORSE creature is born strong, able to withstand the most demanding situations and to the many km ridden to accompany motorcyclists through the roads and paths, mountain steps, deserts all over the world. Tested for more than a year on the bench and on the most demanding routes, the new HP CORSE product assures reliability and improved performance respect all the original dischargers that replaces in particular way the low and midrange regimens. HP Corse 4-TRACK R is light, it has an octagonal shaped bottom, it has a seamless hydroformed spout and a silencer body with a laser engraved logo, available in three different materials: Titanium, Satin Steel, and Ceramic Black Stainless.
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  • Exhaust "Pro Series" with E4 Approval with DBK
  • Technology used: hydroforming
  • Casing: Titanium/Special stainless steel ceramic black and satin
  • Sound absorbing material with high sound absorption
  • Tight stainless steel rivets
  • Black color Logo-engraved color laser