About us

HP CORSE and STEELFORM come together to revive through their products the real Made in Italys spirit: passion, uncompromised quality and handmade craftmanship blended with advanced technology. HP CORSE Bologna, thrills the market since 1993 by manufacturing special exhaust systems - unique and distinctive products which are highly appreciated by motorbike lovers all over the world. STEELFORM SRL, a Friuli-based company,  is a world leader in the metal working and forming since 1978. It partners HP CORSE in the manufacturing of the exhaust systems’ components throughout the entire production process. HP CORSE Bologna is the beating heart of the design process, the place where new ideas arise and the prototypes take form, whereas STEELFORM  forges and shapes the workpieces. EVOXTREME, HYDROTRE, GP07, 4-TRACK R, SPS/SP-3 CARBON, SP-1 were added to the HYDROFORM model, and soon others will be added to the list. HP CORSE and STEELFORM, a binomen that promises to become a landmark in the world of the Made in Italy high performance exhaust systems.