The SPS CARBON belongs to the same family as the 4-TRACK R. The difference lies in aesthetics, the SPS CARBON features a carbon fiber end cap that wraps around the internal nozzle achieved through hydroforming technology. Designed to fit the latest Maxi Enduro, Sport Touring/Adventure and Crossover motorcycles, SPS CARBON is made to run and explore, no matter what. Tested for over a year and challenged on the most demanding tracks, SPS CARBON gives its best in terms of durability and performance at low and mid-range engine speeds. Lightweight and eye-catching, SPS CARBON has an octagonal shaped bottom and a classic-style hydroformed spout. A beautiful end cap made from carbon fibre wraps a laser logo engraved body. Available in three different surface finishings: Titanium, Satin Steel and Ceramic Black Steel and three different lenghts: 300, 350, 400 mm for multiple mounting options.
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 Technical info: 

  •  Euro 4 Euro 5 Type-approval and Racing line
  •  Carbon fiber end-cap
  •  Double gas output
  •  Octagonal casing
  •  Hydroformed octagonal spout
  •  Available surface finishings - Titanium, Satin Steel and Ceramic Black
  •  High quality sound-absorbing material
  •  Removable db killer (only for Racing line)
  •  Carbon fiber heat shield
  •  Leak-proof rivets
  •  Laser engraved logo
  •  Weight 2400 gr (without db-killers and link pipe)