• Silencer SPS CARBON SHORT TITANIUM • Hydroformig Technology • Carbon-fiber cover • Slip-on Link pipe • Laser Logo • Homologated Euro 5 • Directive and Rule of the European Parliament (UE) nr. 134/2014 and 2016/1824 G
€1024.80 incl tax

An all-terrain beast who does not betray its adventure-touring soul: with the Norden 901 you will enjoy your ride on tarmac and offroad. Feel the power with the torquey 889 cc parallel twin engine with maximum output of 77 kW (105 hp); appreciate control, comfort and flexibility in every ride with the high quality chromium molybdenum steel trellis frame, adjustable rear shocks and manegeable seat height. No matter where you plan to go, Norden 901 will be there for you.

Discover the new HP Corse product line to boost your Husky, 3 different exhausts lines to choose from for a better performance and look.


SP-1 is the latest Hp Corse product inspired by the mantra “less is more”. With SP1 and SP1 CARBON SHORT minimalism and state of the art technology merge. Inspired by the great African rallies, SP-1 is fuelled by the past and marked by the stamp of innovation. This ultra lightweight oval-shaped exhaust, will perfectly fit the NORDEN. Sturdy in shape and soul, SP-1 comes with a full titanium body available in plain titanium or matte black ceramic finishing. Designed to be strongest, SP-1 has been tested by the best 2-wheel riders and aced the test showing its ability to master the most demanding terrains and challenges. Endless adventure in compliance with Euro 5 regulations.


Inspired by the 4-TRACK R line, with its compact size (300 mm body length), SPS CARBON guarantees superior performance espetially at low and mid-range engine speeds. The carbon fiber end cap blends into an ultra light octagonal canister available in three different finishings: Titanium, Satin Stainless Steel and Black Ceramic. Nothing left to chance or improvisation – double smoke outlet, double db killer, hydroformed nozzle and the finest carbon fiber details are specifically intended to bring the Norden 901 one step ahead of the others. EURO 5-compliant.


Designed in the R & D Center of Bologna, 4-TRACK R SHORT (300 mm body length) features a seamless hydroformed tip and two db killers. Available in three finishings – high grade stainless steel, matte black ceramic coated and titanium - 4-TRACK R SHORT ensures power and style over the most demanding paths. Power gains espetially at low and mid-range regimens, octagonal can embellished with carbon fiber details. Street legal Euro 5 approved.