• Silencer Evoxtreme 260 mm titanium • Carbon fiber end-cap • Link-pipe slip-on for original collector • Laser logo HP Corse • Only for Race Parts
€610.00 incl tax

The EVOXTREME exhaust dedicated to the SUZUKI GSX-R1000/R has a length of 26 cm with slip on link-pipe without support bracket (thanks to a system designed by us) and has been created to completely redesign the profile and the rear look of the Japanese superbikethanks to its sharp lines.Available exclusively in the racing version and without DBK as the noise level falls within the sound level parameters imposed by the race regulations.The silencer body is in Titanium with laser engraved logo.Thanks to its record weight it is able to enhance the frame qualities and power of the 999.8 cc in-line 4-cylinder.The variable geometry silencer body has an irregular shape that shrinks towards the fitting while in the part that meets the carbon end cap it is cut obliquely.Evoxtreme does not seek compromises and completely marries the super sports soul of the extremely powerful GSX-R, enhancing torque and maximum power.