COMPATIBLE WITH ORIGINAL CASES • SP-1 SHORT MATT BLACK TITANIUM • Oval-shaped body lengths 300 mm • Titanium casing 0.8 mm thick • Molded oval bottoms • High quality sound-absorbing material • Titanium bracket tig hand made welded • Carbon Fiber heat shield • Leak-proof rivets • HP Corse Laser engraved logo • Weight 2530 gr • Euro 5 Type-approval • Directive 134/2014 e 2016/1824 G
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2.550 gr. SP-1 SHORT MUFFLER

The iconic exhaust embodying the post- heritage concept of minimalism, born in the Motor Valley and inspired by the glory days of the African rallies, SP-1 SHORT mixes exceptional handcraft, state of the art technology and premium quality materials in order to deliver pure performance. SP-1 SHORT features an ultra slim 300 mm titanium sleeve (0,8 mm thick), a rounded end spout with weldless bending angle, reinforced brackets, carbon fiber heat shields all achieved through ighly skilled working methods. The HP Corse muffler with its winning rally design is the perfect addition to the 800 MT, ready to bring you where you want to be. EC/ECE type approved, Euro 5 compliant.