• SP-1 Titanium Silencer • Stainless Steel 2 into 1 no Catalyst Collector • Oval-shaped body lengths 350 mm • Titanium casing 0.8 mm thick • Molded oval bottoms • High quality sound-absorbing material • Removable db-killer • Titanium bracket tig hand made welded • Stainless Steel heat shield • Leak-proof rivets • HP Corse Laser engraved logo • Only for Race Parts
€732.00 incl tax

If you crave adventure and indulge your wanderlust beyond the asphalt's end, then KTM 950 and 990 are just right for you. A motorcycle that created a milestone in the touring heritage that stands out for its original design and enduro vocation, much more pronounced in comparison to its sisters who have entered the street segment. KTM 950/990 never holds back - always alert and ready for on-and-off adventure. HP Corse equips this big bike with the SP1 titanium in the Racing version. SP1 stands out for its ad-hoc blend between minimalism and performance, subliming the riding experience with its clean lines that leave no room forsuperficiality and frivolty. Inspired by the great African rallies and galvanized by Dakar's audacy, SP1 comes to life in the heart of the Motor Valley - the exhaust looks to the past projectimng itself in the future. Oval shaped and ultra light, SP1 has a titanium body and is available in the double or single high position configuration (For Race use only). The end part has a sameless round nozzle aimed to slim the rear part of the Austrian Super Enduro. Robust by definition, SP1 features reinforced mounting brackets TIG welded by hand, insert bushings CNC machined from solid and the ever-present laser-etched HP Corse logo. A robust adventurer, your trusted companion on the tarmac and off road. On request the collar undereath the rivets is available full or lightened.