• Silencer SP-1 SHORT TITANIUM • DBK • Carbon-fiber cover • Slip-on Link pipe high position • Laser Logo • Homologated Euro 4/5 • Directive and Rule of the European Parliament (UE) nr. 134/2014 and 2016/1824 G
€603.90 incl tax

Less is more, the art of simplicity as ultimate expression of sophistication. A minimalistic yet modern approch for a new breed of exhausts with a no-frills look ready to unleash their true essence. SP-1, a throwback to the beginning of HP Corse. A noun and a number in a blend that brings us back in time, in a sort of back to basics though with a taste of future. Less is more. Because the very essence of things lays in simplicity.

Inspired by the great African rallies and their myth, the new SP-1 has been conceived in the heart of the Motor Valley, reinterpreting the past to shape the future.

A lightweight exhaust, with a round shaped non welded nozzle which perfectly fits small and big Enduro, road and even better off-road bikes, making it capable to stir up every riding experience.

Sturdy in its shape and soul, the SP-1 comes with a full titanium body, db killer, handcrafted TIG welded mounting brackets, an inlet machined by solid and a laser engraved HP Corse logo. The exhaust is fully Euro5 approved.

Engineered in a simple way just to the be the strongest, SP-1 has been extensively tested at the test bench and on the most demanding tracks in order to withstand thousands of challenging kilometers.

The new HP Corse SP-1 is made to take all riders on an exciting journey towards new horizons, from the highest mountain peaks to the remotest desederts, passing through every landscape and crossing every river.