(not compatible with side case rack fixing kit) • Silencer SP-1 SHORT TITANIUM • Carbon-fiber cover • Slip-on Link pipe high position • Laser Logo • Homologated Euro 4/5 • Directive and Rule of the European Parliament (UE) nr. 134/2014 and 2016/1824 G
€634.40 incl tax

SP-1 Short high mount stems from the need to take on the challenges of the adventure seekers, reliability, strength,endurance. Designed to last in time and outlive the most demanding trails thanks to its peculiar positioning, SP-1 delivers the thrill and the excitement of off-road adventures on two wheels to all who are in quest of new adventures. SP-1 embodies the less is more philosophy, asserting itself as the archetype of simplicity, with a minimal design as an ultimate expression of sophistication. Designed and engineered by HP Corse in the heart of the Motor Valley, SP-1 revises its rally heritage in a modern key, reinterpreting the past with a future-oriented approach.HP Corse offers to the incurable adventurers a lightweight exhaust, with a round shaped solderless nozzle that perfectly fits the Yamaha's twin-cylinder. Sturdy in its shape and resilient soul, SP-1 comes with a 300 mm full titanium body, handcrafted TIG welded mounting brackets and machined from solid bushings. The exhaust is fully street legal Euro 4 (MY 2019-2020) and Euro 5 (2021+) approved. Tested extensively on the test rig and tracks by the best riders, SP-1 will lead you to travel afar on an exciting journey towards new horizons.