• Silencer Hydroform Short R Satinated • Hydroforming Technology • Link-pipe slip-on for the original collector • Laser logo HP Corse • End-cap with mash • Silencer not homologated (only for race parts)
€549.00 incl tax

HYDROFORM SHORT R aims at the most visceral emotions of all fans of the Hamamatsu house through the research and work of those who have taken care of every detail. Hydroform Short R is born from the force of a fluid brought to very high pressures to obtain the most extraordinary shapes, variable diameters without having to cut or weld metal. Through the hydroforming process, they are overcome to pursue new and unprecedented aesthetic goals. With Hydroform Short R, steel finally frees its soul for an aesthetically unique, sinuous and exciting exhaust, without welding, reduced sheet thickness, but mechanically extremely rigid and with a record weight. Designed in Bologna, in the heart of the Motor Valley, Hydroform Short R is equipped with a very short welded fitting and an anchoring system to the original manifold that allows it to be supported without a clamp or welded bracket. Available only in the racing version without dbk, it has an oblique cut and metal mesh in perfect Moto GP style.