The matter is molded, resistance is overcome, emotion takes shape. HYDROFORM SHORT R is not just a name of a new line of exhausts out there, it is something over the edge, something that goes beyond the rules and the bounds of your imagination. Hydroforming is an innovative metal forming technology that uses a high pressure hydraulic fluid to press room temperature working material into a die. This is how we achieve lightweight, seamless, structurally stiff and strong pieces, geometries with reduced thinning and enhanced mechanical properties - sinuous and emotional masterpieces. The HYDROFORM SHORT R line equips the most beautiful Naked motorbikes as well as sports and hypersport bikes on the market. Available with straight end-cap with removable metal grid, tilted with removable metal grid to access the db killer. Unleash unexpected sound, power and appeal with HYDROFORM Nothing would be the same again.
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Technical Info:

  •  Silencer approved E3/E4 and Racing
  •  End cap: straight cut or slash cut with mesh
  •  Technology used: hydroforming
  •  Canister materials: stainless steel thickness 0.5/0,8 mm
  •  Surface finishes: satinated and black ceramic
  •  Sound absorbing material with high noise reduction
  •  DBK removable
  •  DBK step.1 Ø 35 mm
  •  DBK step.2 Ø 40 mm
  •  Watertight stainless steel rivets
  •  Engraved laser logo
  •  Weight 1.140 gr (without dbk and link-pipe)