LOW POSITION COMPATIBLE WITH ORIGINAL CASES (NO AFTER MARKET) • Black Oval-shaped body lengths 300 mm • Black Titanium casing 0.8 mm thick • Molded oval bottoms • High quality sound-absorbing material • Titanium bracket tig hand made welded • Stainless Steel heat shield • Leak-proof rivets • HP Corse Laser engraved logo • Carbon cover + Stainless cover • Euro 5 Type-approval • Directive 134/2014 e 2018/295
€866.20 incl tax

More than a motorcycle, the all-new honda XL 750 Transalp is a testament to the spirit of adventure and the freedom of the open road. With SP-1 short and carbon short line, HP CORSE vouches for a premium solution purpose built and tested for the reborn legend of the 1986 original. As the highlight of HP CORSE lineup, SP-1 short and SP-1 carbon short engage and inspire everyone’s adventurous aspirations, superbly handling all riding intentions in full compliance with the euro 5 emissions and noise requirements. With its compact and elegant design, SP-1 short and SP-1 carbon short are the perfect combination between attractiveness and functionality. The mufflers radiate a sense of adventure peculiar to lovers of the gravel, whilst also meeting the needs of city commuting. Around town or around the world the new XL 750 Transalp and HP CORSE are ready to go. With the new line dedicated to the Transalp, Honda’s riders will give an edge to their motorcycle’s aesthetic. Depending on the set-up preference (high or low mount), the bike will heed the call of the open road, appear visually slimmer in its rear part and exude a feeling of freedom and balance. either way the HP CORSE branded equipment won’t go unnoticed. Aesthetics, technology and design come together everything is studied in detail. The 300 mm long oval titanium sleeved mufflers have moulded cone shaped case-backs while the perfect bending angle of the exit spout optimizes the outflow of exhaust gasses with a consequent increase of the engine power. In addition, SP-1 carbon short offers an extra premium-quality carbon fiber end cap. The high mount slip on pipe seamlessly fits the manifolds with a quick release system and is further enhanced by a Carbon fiber carter made with 3d technology. The low mount pipe is tig welded on the muffler body and comes with a Carbon fiber heat shields.

All exhausts feature the laser engraved logo.
It’s time to saddle up and ride with HP CORSE.

SP-1 carbon short low mount comptible only with original cases (no after-market)
SP-1 short high mount- comptible with original and after-market cases