A Great Exhaust is never born by chance. It comes from the dream of those who imagine it, from the experience and from the wise hands of those who forge the metal and then realize it. A great Exhaust is recognized by the clean, essential lines and the charm that it can convey. You look at it and you see the desire for freedom and all your desire to run, you recognize your own emotions, those that transform you into a true "Centaur", something unique and indivisible from your bike. The GP-07 exhaust is the shortest and the most compact of the HP CORSE exhausts, created to guarantee our customers strong emotions. The GP-07 is built in stainless steel using a brand new technology capable of supplying sinuous and soft lines. The end-caps are maded in very light stainless steel and then hand brushed. The welds are also "hand made" and left at sight to enhance the craftsmanship and craftsmanship of those who make it. It is possible to choose two different db-killer: with alluminum ring and with mesh.
€0.00 incl tax

Caratteristiche tecniche:

  • Scarico con omologazione E3
  • Involucro: acciaio inox speciale a spessore variabile
  • Finiture superficiali: satinato e satinato nero
  • Materiale fonoassorbente ad alto potere assorbimento acustico
  • DBK estraibile
  • DBK step.1 maggiorato su richiesta diametro 35 (non omologato per uso in circuito chiuso)
  • DBK step.2 maggiorato su richiesta diametro 40 (non omologato per uso in circuito chiuso)
  • Rivetti in acciaio inox a tenuta stagna
  • Logo inciso al raggio laser
  • Peso 990 gr (senza DBK e raccordo)