The highly anticipated DesertX really hit the mark - a big step for the Borgo Panigale firm in the adventure bike market. HP CORSE always reacts instantly to big news, revisiting the iconic SP-1 SHORT TITANIUM, an exhaust characterized by a post-heritage desingn that combines minimalistic aesthetic with cutting edge technology and performance. SP-1 SHORT seeks inspiration in the Dakar's golden age to ride the present-day market with its clean design and maximum throughput. The exhaust features an ovel shaped body, a tapered caseback, lightweight and weldless exit nozzle for optimal smoke flow and a removable db killer. Of course, the signature HP CORSE laser logo can not miss. The quick release slip-on pipe perfectly fits the OEM  catalyst as well as the HP CORSE accessory 2-1 decat link pipe (for race use only). A brand new tech feature has been developed for the new DesertX: a nozzle with a more bended angle to avoid melting of the rear turn signal and a more dirty rally appearance. Euro 5 type approved, the 300 mm long casing is available in NATURAL TITANIUM and CERAMIC BLACK TITANIUM finish.


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• SP-1 SHORT Titanium Silencer • Oval-shaped body lengths 300 mm • Titanium casing 0.8 mm thick • Molded oval bottoms • High quality sound-absorbing material • Removable db-killer • Titanium bracket tig hand made welded • Stainless Steel heat shield • Leak-proof rivets • HP Corse Laser engraved logo • Weight 1600 gr (without db-killers and link pipe) • Euro 5 Type-approval • Directive 134/2014 e 2016/1824 G.
€585.60 incl tax