POWER + 3.41 CV Rpm 7370 TORQUE + 2.19 Nm Rpm 6274 • Stainless outer sleeve • Matte Black Cerakote® Coating • Body length: 350 (mm) • Octagonal-shaped body 350 mm long • Stainless casing 0.8 mm thick • Molded octagonal bottoms • High quality sound-absorbing material • Stainless bracket manually TIG welded • Carbon fiber heat shield • Assembly with stock cover • Reinforced stainless fixing bracket • Plug-and-Play without the need for ECU • Leak-proof rivets • HP Corse Laser engraved logo • Euro 5 Plus Type-approval
€695.00 incl tax

The HP Corse trifecta features a unique and unmistakable design, an exhaust range with a split personality -aggressive but at the same time elegant as shown by the premium outlet metal grid and the ultimate elegant finishing. Evolution and revolution  within everyone's reach.

The exhausts come in two lengths270 mm for the SPS and 4-TRACK RALLY range (titanium sleeve) and 350mm for the 4-TRACK S (available in stainless steel). With this compact and proportionale shape that adds to the peculiar conformation of the internal expansion chamber, HP Corse’s exhaust range gives an intense sound experience, a more deep and full-bodied sound than the stock muffler.

The design, sophisticated and attractive, unquestionably plays a big role in the new line-up: SPS RALLY features a glossy carbon fiber end cap whereas 4-TRACK RALLY is equipped with an oval hydroforming exit nozzle. Both lines share a protective metal grid that allows a glimpse of the dual exhaust gas outlet.

4-TRACK S RALLY, on the other hand, with its fully open and round tip, reinterprets the rally vibes in a contemporary key.

All silencers come with a carbon fiber heat shield to improve aerodynamics and to protect from the heat – safety and driving comfort are never compromised.

Hp Corse is a proudly Italian company which has always been synonimous with exquisite craftmanship, attention to details throughout the whole production process, and always one step ahead when it comes to design: the finishing, weldingss of great refinement realized by the expert hands of the welders and the hand-finishings carried out with artisan passion are evidence of this.

HP Corse exhausts guarantee a better outflow of gases if compared to OEM silencer, with the promise of giving more power, torque and fast throttle response.

Of course all the power and driving fun is in full compliance with UE homologation standards (Euro 5 plus)

HP Corse laser-engraved logo: a guarantee of 100% Made In Italy passion and quality.



Assembly instructions included

Type approval certificate included

Euro 5 plus approval

ECU tuning not required

Plug-and-play installation

Compatible with BMW sidecases

Compatible with BMW passenger pegs

Compatible with BMW central stand